Apr. 19, 2013

Jake Bugg is The Real Deal

I go back to Clifton to see my old friends
The best people I could ever have met
Skin up a fat one, hide from the Feds
Something is changing, changing, changing
(Jake Bugg "Two Fingers")

England is producing right now. The Strypes are on the way via Elton John's management company, Adele is already here and now so is Jake Bugg.

Bugg, 19, comes from working class (father is a nurse, mother is in sales) and his background shines through in his music.

His nasel voice will take some getting used to by American audiences, but the influences really carry beautiful melodies and some gritty lyrics. I really love his attitude and simplicity. This is NOT a new form of music. It is rooted in folk/rockabilly and pop rock.

I truly believe Jake Bugg is about explode in the states and the world. He speaks to his generation. His generation needs a spokesman. Why NOT Jake Bugg? 

Check out "Slide." This is a beautiful ballad full of desperation and hope all wrapped up in one tidy statement "I've got autumn leaves and heartbreak dreams locked up inside/Cuz you and me on this frozen sea/We slide, slide." This is GREAT writing. The melody is equally beautiful Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_26R-YvogQ

Jake Bugg is the real deal. He will catch on here in America. Remember last December when I first told you about Bugg and the Strypes? Bugg is first. Please check the kid out.