Jul. 24, 2013

KNOX COLLEGE SPEECH:Obama's Road Map and Minefields

"... Let's tell them America is open for business."
(President Obama, July 24, 2013 at Knox College, Illinois)

That is somewhat true, but not really.

"We need a longterm plan" he said at Knox College. The American people know that. What we really need is a guy/or gal go to the people murking up the waters and stare them down face-to-face until they blink first. Telling the American public "We need. We Need. We need" is not enough...

Go meet with Boehner and McConnell and actively MAKE them do their jobs. The House of Representatives only has 129 WORKING DAYS THIS YEAR. Unnaceptable. Eric Cantor is a disgrace. McConnell lies on a daily basis. Boehner lies even more. The Democrats are a mess also. They can't stop people like Darrell Issa from creating non-existing scandals (IRS non-scandal).

President Barack Obama has had nothing, but tricky minefields to maneuver his way through since January 20, 2009 when he first took the oath of office for his first term. It was that same night Republicans got together for dinner in Washington D.C. to map THEIR road to obstruction. Newt Gingrich attended that dinner and was a part of the planning.

Needless to say, they failed to defeat him in 2012, which was Mitch McConnell's mission as Senate Minority Leader.

What they have done is make it impossible to govern by mucking up the house with endless attempts to repeal Obama's landmark achievment of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

On July 24 Mr. Obama took the stage at Knox College to deliver his roadmap for the rest of his term domestically. Obama scolded the House Republicans about the Debt Limit Ceiling and other issues and sequestration: "Washington just hasn't ignored this problem, Washington has just made it worse."

Obama deflected the sequester off on congress for going through with it, despite the fact that he himself had to suggest the possibility during the FIRST Debt Ceiling crisis. He was constitutionally strapped to have to sign the sequester never believing congress would go through with it.

Mr. Obama is in deep waters in this second term. The constant attempts to repeal Obamacare is starting to wear on him. Obama pointed out again that this legislation is actually help the economy.

"This needs to stop" he said regarding the phony scandals and obstructionism. This is important rhetoric, but will have to be backed up with action.

Decent speech, but now Mr. Obama needs to channel his inner "LBJ" and get congress to act, not just endlessly campaign TO the American people. Campaigning is Obama's wheelhouse.

I suggest calling a joint session of congress in an emergency-type of setting before one actually happens. Speak to these people and get them to work with you in front of the American people.

"We can fight back and win," he said.

A president CAN exert his/her will. They just need to have the balls to do it.