Dec. 8, 2014

Hey Media: Chill Out on the Sorkin Rants

Look. We all have our First Amendment Rights and should voice our opinions, but honestly, the castigation of Aaron Sorkin for writing a Newsroom Segment on "Campus Rape" is really over the top.

I'v ebeen a fan of his writing since the brilliant "A Few Good Men" play and movie two decades ago. This dude can write and he seems to always be moving the conversation forward on whatever issues he writes about in his movies (like "Social Network") and his past long-running "West Wing" TV series.

Does America really want our dramatists and talented writing rooms to avoid the big issues that are confronting our country and the rest of the world, because you find it unpleasant? 

I saw a tweet regarding my Jewish faith in which a character on the show says "I don't like Jews." The tweeter thought it was in bad taste. SPOLIER ALERT. The character (in reality) was a GHOST of Will's father he chats with throughout the episode, you moron. You probably didn't even bother tpo watch the episode until the end, because you (like many) have the attention span of a gnat.

Do you want all of our greates writers to just stop creating art because you can nit pick the "Less tasteful" parts and dissect them and go on social media to prove you have a brain?

Look. I know Mr. ASorkin doesn't hit a home run every at bat, but he sure gets on base a lot and really gets his viewership to think twice about these stories and issues.

That's it. That is all I've got on this. The series ENDS next week and will be missed by more than just myself.

Thank you Aaron Sorkin for many years of thought-provoking drama.