Feb. 6, 2015

The Strands: Giving Pop & Jazz a New Home in L.A.

By Marc Platt
February6, 2015


Venice, California is home to a unique Pop & Jazz outfit called The Strands, who play in and around the Los Angeles area with their brand of Pop & Jazz Music. They are fronted by Amanda Campbell and have produced a new recording with 5 upscale recordings that bring back the best of old-school adult contemporary new standards.

If you like the old Dustry Springfield records as much as I do, you will love this stuff.

Campbell and her crew are solid and tight in the recordings and compositions. Songs like "Stop and Turn" (by Susan Ferrrari) are well-thought out and mean something to the listener. "I've got miles to go on this flight" is a wonderful sentiment about slowing it all down and enjoying life. "..And I'm bending to the light." Campbell has a way with words and these words mean something. Her band plays to the words and messages very well.

I have had the good fortune to share several bills with this band in recent months and appreciate their artistry and drive to entertain.

There is a Shirley Bassey feel to the song "Feelin' It." I appreciate this band's adherence to it's Jazz roots with modern emotions. I love the fact that this band can produce a song about the joy of playing this music they love together as a unit. "Feelin' it deep inside...Are you feelin' it too." Very good sentiments and all of us musicians can appreciate where they are coming from.

The EP closes with with "Flying" (by Susan Ferrrari). This song has a modern girl group feel to it. Great harmonies and the piano work is stellar. In fact, the musianship is solid throughout this recording and Campbell is a unifying presence on stage and on record, something not always that easy to pull off.

"One of these days/I'm gonna turn it all around/Lost in the maze in th eunderground." What a great message of hope and frustration all at once. Any artist who has tried years to achieve what they consider "success" can appreciate this EP ("Entaglement) and The Strands.

I highly recommend you check them out soon.


For more info: https://www.facebook.com/TheStrandsOfficial