Dec. 28, 2012

Is There a New British Invasion on the Way?

Is There a New British Invasion on the Way?

Happy ALMOST 2013. Looking for some new stuff to follow musically?

It is time. America is DEAD when it comes to exciting music. We have to watch relics on the TV to remember what we felt like when we first heard the Who, Beatles, Stones and Dylan.

It has been 49 years since the Beatles made their way across the pond to take America by storm. Could there be some new Euro acts on the way to excite the American youth? Mercury Records has just signed teenage retro blues rockers The Strypes from Ireland. Nottingham England’s Jake Bugg has a Dylan-esque quality. New Folkie Laura Marling has been to America a few times to lay the seeds for herself. Mumford & Sons are already huge in the U.S. One Direction is not in the mix for me. They are a manufactured phenomenon, created by Simon Cowell.

The Strypes ( remind me of the Cavern version of the Beatles. These kids are better players at this stage of their development than the Beatles were. The Strpes cover songs like Slim Harpo’s “Got Love IF You Want It.” They hammer Bo Diddley’s “You Can’t Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover.” You get the idea. They are doing something OLD, but bringing it to a new generation. That is cool. That is what the forefathers of rock intended, right?

Jake Bugg ( really captures the British working class lifestyle with a flare of retro pop. He sings in a plain straight unaffected style. His voice is average at best, but there is a purpose in his writing. If he continues to develop, he will be a force to be watched by the up-and-coming musicians out there trying to “Taste It” in the future.

Laura Marling ( is part of the “New Folk” scene in London. Her parents are both music teachers and she started very young. She is authentic. She writes and sings her music with passion and is well worth taking a look sooner than later. Check out “Sophia,” a beautiful song sung plaintively and to the point. Marling is on Virgin Records. It would be nice to see her become a household name in the states.

These are just a few acts who are NOT in the American public conscious yet. You might want to check them out.