Jan. 18, 2013

...About Barack Obama's 2nd Term

We live in a time of "Political Crazy."

It has been this way for awhile. Just what sparked the right wing of America to really kick "crazy" into high gear?

Could it be that an African American is leading the way just 100 years since lynching was commonplace in our southernmost states?

LBJ passed the civil rights legislation that started with Lincoln and was mostly spearheaded by JFK near the end of his first term. Johnson took the credit, but Bobby and John Kennedy were the ones who laid the groundwork.

Now we have immigration reform and gun reform staring us in the eye. Obama's legacy is on the line. The politicos know this. They obviously do not want this guy's head on Mount Rushmore. They would rather have it served on a platter. We live in a really sick politically uncivilized time and it makes me sad that a small faction of House Republicans can push the moderate ones around enough to stop stuff from getting done.

The Super Red states have reps who fear getting primaried from the right by Tea Party candidates EVERY two years. There are organizations who have big bucks and can support candidates who lean way to the right. 

I am sorry to say this is not your father's GOP any more. 

I am pretty sure we are about to see Third Party and Independents start to produce viable candidates, because the GOP is being held hostage. This could be a great thing.

What will Obama get done in his 2nd term? I hope everything. He really got a lot done in the first term and he has shown a willingness and ability to get deals done. He is smart enough to know that he has a GREAT asset in Joe Biden to do the dirty work. Obama has insulated himself from the congress and sends people to deal with them. I think this is a smart move in that he understands that these people have a tough time with the fact that he is NOT white.

Good luck in your 2nd term Mr. President. There are people who are grateful and understand the difficulty of your situation.