Jan. 19, 2013

You Never Know Who Your Real Friends Are

Floyd Landis rode with Lance Armstrong and took Performance Enhancing Drugs (PEDS) with him. Lance Armstrong was friends with many people in the early years who are no longer in the picture. Some of them are in other countries trying to make a living because they wanted Armstrong to come clean about his fradulent doping.

Remember Greg LeMond? He won the Tour De France in 1986, 1989 & 1990 for the United States. He is a footnote because of Lance Armstrong. LeMond has been Armstrong's enemy for 14 years. LeMond insisted there was no way Armstrong could do what he was doing "clean." I wonder how German Erik Zabel feels about Armstrong. Zabel finished 2nd to Armstrong 3 straight times. He should have been the one getting those yellow jerseys.

I don't care about cycling at all, but I am fascinated in how a bike rider could amass over $100 million in personal fortune and help raise half a billion for a cancer organization he founded all based on "LIES." That is the new American way. Lie and build your reputation on these lies.

Look at the kid from Notre Dame with the imaginery girlfriend who passes away from a deadly disease called Leukemia. This maddens me as I had a VERY close relative die from this same illness many years back. Me and a lot of family donated blood platelets to try to save our dear uncle. Manti Te'o is no friend of mine. I will forever harbour a deep resentment when I see him perform professionally on the football field.

Back to Lance Armstrong...Betsy Andreu was an old friend of Lance's along with her husband. Armstrong admitted to doping in 1996 to his doctor and Andreu was in the hospital room. He went after her after she tried to expose the truth, calling her "a crazy bitch." There are MANY other cases of people who tried to tell the truth about his doping. He filed and won lawsuits. These are all about to come crashing down on King Lance. He will have to return a lot of prize money and money obtained in lawsuits.

It will be a full frontal assualt legally by all those whose reputations he damaged. It is ironic he beat cancer and what will really get him in the end is the REAL truth. He was also fired from his own Non-Profit organization "Livestrong."

Maybe Lance Armstrong did help some people survive cancer.

Robin Hood stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Guess what? Robin Hood was still a thief!