Feb. 19, 2013

Oscar & Phil: Not So Odd Couple

What do Oscar Pistorius and Phil Spector have in common?


Oscar Pistorius has MORE than a public relations problem right now. "Blade Runner" is probably going to go down for premeditated murder of his 30-year-old late girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

Pistorius's defense team is seriously considering using his steroid use as the reason. "Roid Rage" could be the defense they use. REALLY??? We really don't like our athlete heroes using steroids. We especially don't like them murdering their girlfriends in cold blood.

This story cannot end well for the once-Olympic hero to millions, who is a double amputee. You all know the story by now. I will not bore you with the umpteenth retelling of his story.

Pistorius, in reality, appears to have been a steroid-using, paranoid gun-loving celebrity. He kept a cricket (found with blood on it)  bat next to his bed and a loaded 9 millimeter handgun under his pillow.

Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair has now sided with the prosecution and decided to charge Oscar with first degree murder. Pistorius could go away for life and the chances are very good that will happen.

The world needs to take notice of this case all the way through his sentencing. Guns are serious business. In the wrong hands bad stuff happens. How do we know when celebrities like Pistorius and Phil Spector should be monitored and reconsidered for handling guns? 

If Pistorius was becoming mentally unstable over time because he was taking steroids, should his community be warned? Should his friends and family have noticed a change in his behavior? Was Oscar Pistorius and Phil Spector (serving in prison for killing Lana Clarkson) too powerful in their celebrity to even approach about having guns around when they were obviously a little off the deep end?

How many more of these cases do we have to see go down before we start questioning people.

In my own personal life, I have known 2 VERY close people who were very depressed and had guns around. I plead with them to get rid of the guns for awhile. I was not alone. We were able to get someone to hold the guns for them and nothing happened.

I highly suggest YOU do the same if you are worried about someone who has guns. Bad break ups, etc. These are always danderous situations. Not everyone is okay celebrity or not after a personal setback. Your government will not step in. You need to take the lead on this one my friends.