Ready For Hillary: "Woman of the World"

c 2015 Marc Alan Platt...This is a biographical video set to music that shows a snapshot of Hillary Clinton.

Marc Platt: Taste of Freedom

Here is a song from the upcoming "Politics of P.O.P." CD. The song is about the civil rights movement and is called "Taste of Freedom."

Marc Platt at WitZend: Best In America

This song is dedicated to the late Martin Richard, Krystal Campbell, Lingtzee Lu, Officer Sean Collier & Officer Dennis Simmonds, as well as the other victims of the Boston Marathon. This live version of "best In America" was taped at WitZend on April 12, 2014. Marc Platt and Don Teschner featured.

This Way To War

NEW VIDEO: I put this video for "This Way To War" together, because this week marks the 10-year anniversary for a war that never should have happened. We went to Iraq to get WMD and the Bush administration DID SAY they were disappointed that none were found in Iraq. I don't think that fact is too comforting for the American and Iraqi families who lost loved ones. Just sayin.

Undervalued Underpaid