Marc Platt's Politics: I'm a Lefty

Mar. 28, 2018
By Marc Platt
This is where I think we are in this "Russia Gate" situation.
Trump squeaked his way into the White House and the FBI and DOJ was already investigating his organization, campaign and now administration.
Trump has been under served by the legal community, because he has spent his adult life stiffing legal counsel and not following their advise. Now he is up against Goliath (Mueller) who has set a ton of legal traps for the President. That means the STATE ATTORNEYS would easily be able to pick up the ball if Trump tried to fire Mueller.
Please keep in mind that Mueller has a ton of lawyers on this case who know more than anyone (including Trump) about all the wrongdoing Trump's subordinates (including Jared) have done.
The only way I see this playing out would be Mueller offering Trump a deal sometime after the midterms when the house turns over to the Democrats. Trump will have his back to the wall with all the firepower Mueller has.
Trump's business dealings and tax returns have been in Mueller's possession since last May. That was the first thing he was able to get hold of when he was appointed.
The last thing (in my opinion) Congress and the executives in the DOJ would want is lock up a US President, but they certainly will have enough to do that just by the tax returns.
Trump is not a great political chess player and he does not have proper counsel to get him through. Time is not on his side.
He will have to take a deal later this year or risk impeachment by the new Congress in January, 2019.
Mar. 17, 2018

By Marc Platt

This is going to get very ugly very soon. FBI agents do NOT like their people attacked and smeared. Sessions & Trump are going to get shellacked when all is said and done. They have no idea what they are doing and who they are messing with here.

Washington ALWAYS wins. The current administration IS the swamp that they promised to drain.

The best thing that ever happened to HRC was NOT Becoming US President. She would have been Politically dead within months because the spineless and witless GOP-run Congress would have had hearing after hearing and likely would have found some (Bad pun) Trumped-Up charges to throw at her.

America is doing a course correction right now. All the bad Ju Ju will be swept out over the next two years. This President will stall for time and continue to divert attention away from Russia and his sexual infidelity issues with these firings and attempted mis-directions. His dwindling base will stick with him and so with the elected GOP officials until he is below the 30% Mendoza Line. When he dips, so will his support in Congress.

The Republicans will never remove him via impeachment. Mueller will have to have so much on him and his family, that he will cut a deal.

That is how I see it. December is the earliest we could see a Trump departure.

Jan. 4, 2018

by Marc Platt

This is not gloating or "I told you so," BUT.....

I wrote a bunch of blogs and posts during the election in 2016 explaining what Steve Bannon has now said in Michael Wolff's book about Trump's motives for running for US President.

I was crucified by many friends, family and people on both ends of the political spectrum. The truth is now slowly, but surely surfacing and is what I thought it was at the time.

I am not smarter than anyone else. I think I use common sense and try to stick to the facts. In early 2015 (I wrote in one piece) Trump met with a PR person who told him he could get to 12% in the GOP polls and improve his brand. He jumped on that and now we are here....

He had a lot of help and a lot of it was not kosher. Everything has stopped functioning properly (strictly partisan) in Washington, except figuring out how we got here. We are here and Robert Mueller is only the first part of the equation. When the congress turns over in November and the Democrats are hauling everyone into what will surely look like the Watergate hearings, the shit will really hit the fan. Will Trump find a way out before that happens?

I repeat...DONALD J. TRUMP NEVER EXPECTED TO WIN. HE DID NOT WANT TO WIN...We are screwed until he is removed. 
That is all.....except...You can go back into my political blogs all the way back to the beginning and read for yourself if you have any interest....

Dec. 1, 2017

By Marc Platt

I know Michelle Obama has expressed no interest in ever running for President or any elected office, but that fact doesn't mean that our country doesn't need her to reconsider that view.

I will try to simply state some facts that might help unpack a strong case to have Mrs. Obama reconsider and run in 2020.

We currently have a sitting U.S. President who was "elected" under strange circumstances (Russia Investigation) who had exactly ZERO U.S. Government experience. Our current government is being controlled by one party and is having a hard time getting anything passed through congress.

Our current POTUS defeated a former First Lady who DID have decades of experience in Washington DC.

So here we are 3 years out from the next presidential election with no credible Democratic message or candidate. Before your hair catches on fire and you start screaming how great our current Democratically-elected members of congress are so much better than the GOP members, I will point out that the current president did not come from Congress or s state house.

Michelle Obama knows her way around the Beltway. She was married to a (now popular) ex-president. Her kids are grown up and pretty much out of the house (soon). She HAS a message "When They Go Low...We Go High." That is a positive message that really resonated in every speech she gave. She CAN give a speech. She CAN move a crowd. She DOES care what happens to all Americans. People seem to love her.

The argument gets stronger by the fact that we now have a president who has unraveled a lot of Barack Obama's achievements and she can reinstate most of those policies in what will inevitably be a Democratically-controlled congress in January, 2021.

Ask yourself one big question.

Do you believe Michelle Obama and the United States can actually get more done than the current crop of White House dwellers?

Yes she can.
"Yes We Can"

Nov. 21, 2017
By Marc Platt
So here we are. America and Alabama has some big choices and a clear choice to make.
This US Senate race in Alabama is so fascinating on a political science level. When a completely unlikable and vile man like Roy Moore (and Trump, as well) can just keep denying these horrible allegations by credible victims and people will STILL support these "Candidates" we need to examine our society.
I truly believe that Alabama SHOULD decide who their next US Senator will be. That is how representative democracy works. Let the local GOP and Alabama establishment try to explain to America how they can side with a pedophile.
Congress has shown almost zero moral courage, as well as the current administration. If America really is on a course correction and the bad guys will get booted in disgrace, we will have to hit rock bottom. Have we REALLY hit rock bottom? hard to tell.
I think we are headed there. This Mueller investigation will eventually trigger a constitutional crisis. Either Trump will panic and fire Mueller after Mueller indicts Trump's family, or Mueller will surround Trump by sending many people to jail. I don't see any other way this goes down.
This Roy Moore situation is just the continuation of a symptom our horrible electoral process has made possible. Congress can really only shame its members into resigning. There really is no secure check and balance on bad behavior that has been tested since Bob Packwood in the early 1990's. It took 3 years to get him out.
We have had many different instances of bad behavior over the years and now it has bled into how we will survive as a republic. We live in the "Divided States of America" and Donald Trump is supporting his fellow sexual predator. No big surprise there my friends.