Mar. 22, 2013

POTUS Charms Israel And Makes Strong Points

U.S. President Barack Obama knows how to give a speech. The Israeli people now know this first hand, as Obama was able to turn a heckler's heckles into a standing ovation during his speech at an Israeli university 3/21/2013.

He then went on to make points about the necessity of a two-state solution that would have surely been derided if the speech had been made on U.S. soil.

The President used political tactics that would normally seem risky, but he knew that these people would listen and respond to having them put themselves in the Palestinians shoes. Brilliant! Obama mentioned that he had spoke to some Palestinian youths just before his speech at the Israeli university. Obama said the youths reminded him of his own two daughters Sasha and Malia.

Obama has a knack for humanizing international politics. He was able to "INCLUDE" the Israelis into his inner circle. The Nobel Peace Prize winner was inclusive and stern in his plea for the Israelis to accept Palestinians as human beings just like them. Bibi Netanyahu could not have been surprised or happy with Obama's popularity with these sentiments. 

This is way bigger than the moment. This speech will be looked back on by the international community for decades. U.S. Presidents have not been this active in Israel for many years. This was a big deal and now American Jews will take notice that Obama is THEIR friend too.

This was a speech about humasn politics NOT military strength. It was empowering and inspiring to a willing audience.

Bottom line is Mr. Obama did an end around and now has many more fans. He truly is an international rock star on a stage that really needs one.