Mar. 28, 2013

Can America Get Gun Reform Done?

Guns are NOT the problem. The people who shoot them are AND the people who enable murderers are the problem in my opinion. This is MY opinion. These are not facts.

First...A few important questions:

If not now, when? If not us, who?

Who are we and when will we be heard by the people we pay to represent all of us?

How do we get through to them?

These are good questions that deserve answers.

Telephones, computers, letters and showing up to town halls are probably the ONLY way congress will pay attention to ordinary people, more so than lobbyists who are well-paid to mold opinions of our lawmakers with cash.

What if Mayor Bloomberg spent some of his millions on putting together a competing organization with the NRA? Don't laugh...He is spending a lot of money to run ads against measures the NRA abhors. Bloomberg could organize his own lobby and fill it with sensible people who will protect the 2nd Amendment AND have enough citizens on board who REALLY will be accutely aware of the REAL climate our country faces.

Protection, hunting animals and target practice are all reasonable uses for guns and legal. People hunting other PEOPLE is NOT a good thing for anyone.

I really like this idea of a competing organization. Maybe it is nutty, but possible to knock the NRA off it's perch as "THE ONLY GAME IN TOWN." Someone can hopefully take most members away from the NRA with a well-organized gun organization that really cares about all Americans. This new organization would have sensible leaders who would do the best thing for the citizens of our country and NOT the gun manufacturers who have the NRA and many of our best and brightest representatives in their back pockets.

All I ask is that you THINK about it yourselves. An idea is worthless if it is not at least explored.

I will send this out to as many people as I can reach. At least I'm willing to play the fool in a public way and take a stand.