Apr. 10, 2013

Is Mitch McConnell Right?

Is Mitch McConnell Right?

Is Mitch McConnell right? We all know he is slanted far to the right in the U.S. Senate. The House Minority leader is likely a slime bag, just like MOST of his brethren in Congress.

Does David Corn’s revelations about the dirty practices INSIDE the McConnell campaign on how to deal with a possible Ashley Judd senate run deserve a full airing in public? The answer is somewhere between yes and no. Since someone saw fit to record the private conversations inside of a tactics meeting and let Corn (of Mother Jones magazine) have the recordings, it is a news story.

As for McConnell, he tried to deflect the story by saying that his office was bugged by the left wing media or left-leaning politicians. This is highly unlikely since it has now been revealed that the office was swept and nothing was found.

For McConnell to call this “bugging” NIXONIAN is a laugh. Nixon WAS a fellow Republican.

Okay…This is where I will take heat from MY fellow left-leaning compatriots. I think it was wrong for someone in McConnell’s campaign to tape this INNER CIRCLE stuff in the first place. AND to release it to the media. Terrible. I don’t give a rats ass what they said in that meeting.

Everything they discussed was revealed by Ashley Judd herself. She frigging wrote about this stuff in her book. There are numerous audio and video tapes where she discusses her 3 rapes and her religious views. Of course McConnell is going to pipe in. He was there. Is it fair for those inner circle discussions to be aired publicly?

If I were McConnell I would have said: ‘These were private discussions among my campaign staff and already in the public domain.’ McConnell hit the panic button and deflected it by calling it “Nixonian” and alluding to someone’s tweet about the “Ethnicity” of his wife.

David Corn is a brilliant journalist, who helped us lefties seal the deal in the 2012 election for Obama with the infamous “47%” video that Scott Prouty recorded. Prouty was NOT told that he couldn’t tape anything. I am assuming that employees of a political campaign know it is wrong to secretly record audio of tactics in a planning meeting.

As president Obama has often said “That is not who we are.” Or is it?