Apr. 12, 2013

Is Kim Jong Un a Playa?

"Don't hate on me boy if you do get down. Come from under my shirt try to lift you off the ground"
                       Lil Wayne "Young Playa"


Whether Kim Jong Un can nuke the west or the east off the face of the earth is not really the question that needs to be answered. The world will have to decide pretty soon if this 30-year-old dictator deserves "respect."

He has exhibited his bad intentions to us with sharp rhetoric and made his own people suffer. We DO notice this stuff.

Four of the generals who were pall bearers at his father's funeral disappeared. Another general was strapped with explosives (in public) and detonated to the horror of the witnesses.

This Man-Boy obviously is doing his best to be taken seriously by the world community. He also has his vulnerable side. He did host Dennis Rodman and the Harlem Globetrotters and acted like a little kid in front of his hero, crazy Dennis. Jong Un was a 90's Bulls fan and a Michael Jordan fan, just like President Barack Obama.

Secretary of State John Kerry needs to find a way to reach this leader and find some kind of common ground. 

China has a lot riding on the outcome. They do not want South Korea and North Korea to unite. If the U.S. helps South Korea with a lot of advanced weapons, there will be a lot of consternation from China and North Korea.

I certainly have no qualifications when it comes to international relations, but common sense tells me that Kerry will make it known to all three that the U.S. COULD do this if America had to and that wouldn't be beneficial this region at all.

Look for representatives to make a deal by back channel and in secrecy without a lot of fanfare.

Kin Jong Un is being taken seriously by everybody involved and looks to have achieved his purpose. By jumping up and down like a little kid and threatening the world, he is a "Playa."