Apr. 19, 2013

Terrorism 101: How Does It Work in 2013?

What do we know and what are we guessing about this terror attack on the 2013 Boston Marathon?

Two young men originally from Chechnya were the main suspects. The older brother Tamerlin Tsarnaev (age 26) had traveled to Moscow in 2012. Both brothers had been in the U.S. for nearly a decade and the younger brother Dzhokar (age 19) became a U.S. Naturalized citizen on September 11, 2012.

Many counter terrorism experts have claimed for many years that there were several cels all over America going to schools, working jobs and becoming ingrained in neighborhoods throughout the country.

These people are trained and learn on the Internet how to become destructive. Basically when the time is right, these members of U.S. society become "Activated" as terrorists and look to commit maximum damage, such as the Boston Marathon bombing. 

Tamerlin Tsarnaev died in a shootout wearing a bomb on his chest (an Al Queda characteristic). He was shot in a shootout with Boston police after killing a security officer at MIT. His brother was in the stolen Mercedez SUV they carjacked at the time and gunned the engine running over his dead brother. I am guessing that these are suicide bombers who were willing to die, as most Al Queda terrorists in the past.

The scary moral to this story is the fact that among our fellow citizens could be many Al Queda cels and others. There is a Chechnian connection dating back to 2001. Al Waki, who was killed by a drone in 2011 had a strong connection to Chechnya and their plight.

No one took credit for the Boston bombings, which is even scarier. We don't know WHY? We can guess, but we have no real facts.

There are likely more suspects to be found in this bombing. Someone was an accessory to these bombings. Time will tell.