Apr. 22, 2013

American Politics: What a Mess

"Greatness. It comes in many forms, sometimes it comes in the form of sacrifice - that's the loneliest form."
                  (From "The Contender," 2000)

What have members of the U.S. Senate sacrificed lately? What great pain have the senators who voted against "Background Checks," which may the MOST watered down legislation brought to that chamber in years, had to experience?

The answer to that question may escalate as time goes on. American politics are changing. The very powerful lobbyists who have ruled the roost for decades are systematically being exposed by activists and LEFTWING lobbyists like Michael Bloomberg.

Why Mike Bloomberg? He will leave office as mayor of New York soon and needs something to do with his extra millions. He wants to leave his mark and HE CAN. I am sold that this guy wants to do good and he knows he is too old to run for president and America may not be ready for Mr. Bloomberg as Commander In Chief.

The parents of those murdered children in Newtown are becoming a powerful force of their own. These are upper economic folks who a year ago were raising their young families. Newtown has changed all that. They now have a higher purpose in life. These angered parents do not want the deaths of their 6-7-year-olds to be for nothing. They have come to Washington to make a difference in the fight for gun control legislation. They have found a willing partner.

They have bonded with President Obama and he listens to them and advises them on how to take on the system. Obama apparently wants to piece-by-piece, dismantle to the powerful gun lobby by using the will of the people. It is VERY ambitious, but he obviously thinks by using his bully pulpit, he can travel the land and spread the word.

This is a painful and slow process. Obama most likely knew that the "Background Check" bill was sketchy with the amount of money pouring into the few Democrats states who are "Gun-Loving." Smaller states like Montana are VERY Pro Gun Rights states and Obama actually used the word "lie" when referring to the gun lobby stating "Facts" that were skewed about the actual background checks.

It is easy to see why Obama is upset. The NRA took out ads stating that this bill would lead to a "Gun Registry." In fact the bill had it written into the text that there would be "NO GUN REGISTRY." The NRA and it's partner gun manufacturers (THE PEOPLE WHO REALLY FUND THE NRA) lied and got away with it.

I wonder how many of the senators who voted against this bill actually read the background checks bill?

Now after the Boston Marathon bombings, Iowa GOP Senator, Charles Grassley and Kentucky GOP SEnator Rand Paul are linking the two Chechnyan former nationals as a link to the current Immigration Reform legislation. Paul saying that these implanted Chechnyans are a good example why a Path to Citizenship for immigrants should be re-thought.

The Republican Party finds more ways to make them obsolete and will continue to lose national elections. They KNOW they have to include the Latino community in the equation or they will never get the votes to win the presidency. Grassley and Paul are idiots. Aside from the nearly 3,000 people we tragically lost on Nine Eleven, we have now lost a total of three more in the Boston bombing. Grassley and Paul could be spearheading a movement that will set their party back MANY MORE YEARS.

While I understand President Obama's condemnation of the senate for their lack of legislative common sense (Polls range from 80-90% support of background checks), he knows that state by state THOSE legislatures are doing gun reform themselves.

It is a slower process, but in the end WILL be the way it happens. THEN congress will act. As each state makes gun reform the law of the land, the U.S. Congress will have to catch up.

On the converse end, the Republican-Run legislatures are making abortion impossible by shutting down health clinics where abortions are performed. Until a case comes to the U.S. Supreme Court where the COURT makes this practice illegal, it will keep happening and even though Roe V Wade is the law of the land, the Red States have found a way to go around the constiution.

American politics is a mess!