Apr. 25, 2013

It Is Hard To Feel Sorry For Bombing Terror Suspects!

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner”
          (from 'Dirty Dancing' 1987)

America gave Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev refuge, a chance to be educated, make a living and raise their own families. America got a slap in the face and spit on in return by the two Chechnyan-born young men, who may have been on their way to New York's Time Square for more mayhem.

Their mother can cry all she wants that her babies were framed. Alex Jones and the right wing media can start to spew out garbage of a conspiracy by the government, but the facts are coming out every minute that goes by that shows otherwise.

Most U.S. citizens know what is really going on. They see the facts all coming to light in all sorts of media outlets and have their own feelings on the subject.

The people can see for themselves the evidence and the damage that has been done. We can watch victims go on TV in hospital press conferences and speak plainly as to what they are going through.

Contrast the victims with the mother getting interviewed and crying that they"were framed." The evidence, including the younger suspect's own words state otherwise. I don't feel sorry for her losing her oldest terrorist son and I don't feel sorry for what will happen legally to her younger son.

I do feel sorry for the Campbells, Richards and the Chinese family of Lu Lingzi who were killed. I also feel for Sean Collier's family, the MIT Security officer killed in a shootout with the Tsarnaev brothers. The living victims, who have lost limbs, should be celebrated for their positive attitudes and courage.

The mother has been tied to some radical ideas in British newspapers. It is possible she indirectly had something to do with this herself, according to the 'Daily Mail' newspaper in England.

Who do we believe?

We believe our own common sense, once there are enough facts. We are getting close to that point. The video doesn't lie. They have the Tsarnaev brothers on tape with ther backpacks JUST before the explosions. They have an eye witness who looked suspect #2 in the eye as he placed the backpack down that exploded just a moment or so later. They have the younger Tsarnaev writing down basically a confession in his hospital bed.

It will be very difficult with American citizens to sympathize with any stated possible motives like our current and recently past wars. We are not at war with Chechnya. Whatever radical activism these two were involved with are hard to reconcile with their actions.

 Nobody puts "America" in a corner. We can make up our own minds, based on the facts.