May. 10, 2013

Will Benghazi Even Matter to Hillary's Chances in 2016?

 “We are proud of you...You are viewed with admiration and respect”
(Sen. John McCain, R- Ariz. to Hillary Clinton during her Benghazi Testimony January, 2013)

Benghazi is and was a mess. Why were we even there without adequate protection for our diplomats? The answer is becoming apparent that there were a lot of CIA operatives at the compound and NOT  a lot of diplomatic action at the time the compound was attacked.

In my opinion, the Obama administration needs to come clean about this and the sooner , the better. 

I also believe that the "scandal" and "cover-up" accusations are BS. The Republicans in congress can't even tell the American people WHAT the "scandal" and "cover-up" is.

Why do you ask?

Here is what I think. 

At the time of Benghazi (and the other protests) on Sepember 11, 2012, Obama was trying to get re-elected. At the time, the GOP tried to make political hay out of it. It completely backfired during that 2nd debate when Mitt Romney tried to back Obama into the the use of the word "terror" the day after the attack. We all remember Mitt with a lot of egg on his face. I don't need to go throught whole thing.

Why are the Republicans trying to take every advantage of these hearings that they keep calling for?

Hillary Rodham Clinton, our former Secretary of State.

The GOP hopefuls like Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are tweeting and going on Fox News with all these statements indicating Mrs. Clinton is unfit to serve as our 45th President because of Benghazi. The narrative has changed from Obama and Susan Rice's fault for the Sunday Morning debacle to IT IS ALL HILLARY'S FAULT. 

Mr. Obama has no more elections to run and win. They all know that she will be a formidable candidate in 2016 if she even runs. With her popularity still soaring they MUST try to bring her numbers down to even have a chance.

Mrs. Clinton and former President Bill Clinton are VERY smart people. They got her out of the State Department early enough so she can have a chance if she wants to run and win.

I am of the opinion that Benghazi was tragic. So was Iraq and EVERY OTHER event since September 11, 2001 that has involved our military forces and diplomats. It is a tough racket. Obama will certainly have his ghands full with the Middle East throughout the remainder of his time in office.

Benghazi will NOT make a difference in Hillary Clinton's run in 2016, if she does run.