May. 14, 2013

Obama is Having a Bad Month of May

Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.
(Barack H. Obama) 


WHat is going on at the White House? They are letting the narrative get away because of their own disdain for the process. What process do you ask? The process of the opposing party and the OTHER opposing party known as the political press.

Let's start with the AP story. The Department of Justice admitted to gathering info on AP writers and collecting phone numbers and other info. The press IS REALLY the 4th branch of government and they don't take kindly to getting their fellow reporters bugged and phone tapped. It doesn't matter that lives are at risk and there may be an actual threat. The Bush administration spied on us all the time and the congress did next to nothing. Obama IS responsible for the DOJ in the end and he must take action. Eric Holder has is ass in the grinder right now, but is far too crafty to get caught in any inappropriate activities. Holder will once again be able to get by the Republican landmines that have been there since he became the first African American Attorney General.

The IRS targeted the NAACP in 2004 and Democrats barely raised an eyebrow in congress. The press made it a sidenote in its reporting. But now the Obama White House lords over an IRS that targets right-leaning organizations that are clearly political and are trying to get tax exempt status. Obama must fire people in the IRS immediately. Heads hav e to roll on this one.

Most Americans don't even realize that the IRS is properly looking for cheaters. They were doing what they are supposed to do, look for red flags and people trying to unfairly get tax exempt status. The only problem is that they didn't ALSO go after OFA, the Democrats version or any of the OTHER left-leaning organizations. That was a bad move. Mr. Shulman, who actually was the IRS executive (appointed by George W. Bush) at the time, is no longer there. The current regime is equally inept.

Benghazi. This is NOT Obama's fault. He has done everything since that terrible week last September in which Susan Rice went on the Sunday morning shows and gave bad and OLD info to the public. Benghazi will NOT be the thing that Republicans are able to "GET" Obama on. They are wasting their time with this political theater. It is tragic that the 4 dimplomats were killed, but there was no way planes could have reached the compound in a timely manner anyway. This was a CIA deal. That is what will come out in more detail in the next few months. Chris Stevens was on his own, without proper cover. That sucks and should be remedied. The compound was being used for CIA covert activities. THAT is the elephant in the room here folks.

Yes, Mr. Obama is having a bad month. He deserves some of the heat. He deserves heat for his mishandling of the narrative on the DOJ/AP story and the narrative on the IRS disaster. 

My solution to his problems is the same as Ronald Reagan bringing in Baker when Iran/Contra happened and when Bill Clinton brought new blood in to help clean up the Lewisky debacle in 1997-8.

Is "Mr. Clean" from Pulp Fiction available?

Here is an idea...Obama needs to check his ego at the door and bring back either Rahm Emauel or David Axelrod to come in and restore order to a runaway White House.