May. 24, 2013

The U.S. Senate Republicans Civil War

UPDATE (July 26, 2013):

John McCain: “We’re here to vote, we’re not here to block things"
Ted Cruz: “There may be more `wacko birds’ in the Senate than is suspected‘’

(Since I first posted this article in May, John McCain has teamed up with Chuck Shumer (D-NY) and several other senators to get Immigration legislation through the senate. McCain has BEEN trying to put coalitions together to knock the Tea Party off it's feet, before a government shutdown that could happen later this summer.)

John McCain v. Ted Cruz/Rand Paul...This is great TV and only a handful of us care to watch. McCain often calls Tea Party Republicans 'Wacko Birds.'

These guys are throwing down on the senate floor in a meaningful way that may change American politics forever.

What does this mean?

Could it mean that the only way to crush the Tea Party and their obstructionism-at-all-costs mantality?

How could this be done?

Enter Harry Reid, the befuddled Senate Majority Leader. If McCain and his old school U.S. Senate buddies were to align themselves with Democrats and actually get stuff done...Hmmm.

What if McCain were to grab some of the more moderate GOP members of the senate and create a block of Republicans who could vote with Democrats on certain bills and issues they feel passionatly about?

Would it take courage? 

No it wouldn't. The Republican party is close to becoming obsolete anyway. The Tea Party element has no desire to help Americans. They want to help themselves. 

I believe this HAS TO HAPPEN ASAP. The longer this goes on, the more likely it is these guys will lose their seats anyway. The mainstream GOP members MUST step up and crush these far right wing out-of-control Tea Party idiots. Michelle Bachmann is just the tip of the iceberg in continually calling for the repeal of Obamacare. Cruz and Paul are gaining some traction.

Reid needs to step up and change the filibuster rules. McCain needs to gather some of his buddies and create a voting block that cannot be stopped by Tea Party Senators. This would stop it cold.

Just sayin.


Who would be in this voting block?
Here are my suggestions for McCain to try to grab while the going is hot:
1. Susan Collins (Maine) - The ONLY true moderate GOP Senator
2. Jeff Flake (Arizona) - Realistic chance. He took a beating in the polls after voted against background checks.
3. Kelly Ayotte (New Hampshire) see Jeff Flake. Same deal.
4. Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) has continually voted against GOP on certain issues like Dream Act.
5. Dean Heller (Nevada) - Harry Reid has some influence. Heller was appointed after Ensign resigned.
6. Mark Kirk (South Carolina) - He could be a short-term Senator if he is primaried by a more right wing guy.
7. Lindsay Graham (South Carolina) - buddies with McCain and Ayotte. He may have to make a bold move to retain his seat. Either go way right or take on "wacko-Birds" with McCain.

This will be an interesting summer in the Beltway. That is for sure.