Aug. 19, 2013

Our Next First Lady Will Be...Bill Clinton

If we mean to have heroes, statesmen and philosophers, we should have learned women.  (Our 2nd First Lady Abigail Adams)

I went to to find out what the First Lady of the U.S.'s role is. We know from recent history that it varies from President to President. Hillary Clinton dealt with many important issues when she occupied the White House from 1993-2001.

What the hell will Bill Clinton do when and if she wins the 2016 Presidential election?

Will he host tea parties and the OTHER first ladies who visit? This is a crazy thing to think about. This man HAS been leader of the free world and he may well end up being the man behind the woman who leads the free world.

When the real campaigning starts in 2015, we know the machine will be geared up with Bill and Chelsea criss-crossing the country and Hillary looking Presidential. They will all have to deal with the crazy Republican Primary process, like President Obama did. While they will not be active IN those primaries. The GOP clownshow will affect the Democrats.

Just go back in recent history and remember how the Tea Party and Uber-Conservative wing of the GOP attacked Obama to make themselves look more conservative.

Once Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden sort out their differences and she has a clear path on the Democratic side, the real fun will begin.

We will get to see how the Clintons adopt the Obama ground game strategy from 2008 and 2012 to their machine. It will be quite formidable. Right now, the only question for the Dems is Joe Biden. He wants to be President and he is a bit older than Hillary Clinton. This needs to be sorted out and then it will be all Clinton all the time.

Bill Clinton may need to take some etiqutte classes. He will need to learn a whole new way of living in the White House.

He can ask his wife. She has experience, you know.