Aug. 24, 2013

Commentary: America Has Turned Into a Police Blotter

“You know the score pal. If you're not a cop, you're little people!”

(Blade Runner, 1982)

Update: "Shooter at the Gate" song by Marc Platt

It is not race that is driving the senseless crime rate in America by armed youths. The Christopher Lane case in Oklahoma and the Delbert Belton case in Seattle, as well as the Georgia would-be school shooter (Michael Hill) are more or less due to hopelessness. In Florida, a trucking magnate was shot and killed along with a fellow employee by a retired employee who then killed himself. These horrific incidents are becoming more commonplace in America.

Is anyone surprised that poor youths with no hope of education or job security are roaming the streets with weapons looking for trouble? Can we possibly be surprised that people like the troubled man in Florida would resort to killing his former employer in desperation?

It is easy for these people to get guns and ammo. This is a fact.

Adam Lanza (Newtown shooter) and Michael Hill (Georgia would be shooter) were both emotionally-challenged and had easy access to weapons they really had no business handling.

Michael Hill, who was talked down from shooting up a school in Georgia was on probation and had a history of mental illness. The three youths (1 white, 2 black) in Oklahoma shot Christopher Lane, 23, because they were “bored.” Their NEXT intended target was an African American kid. The father called the police and they were nabbed outside of their house before the three youths could carry that killing out.

The climate in urban America has turned into the Wild West with youths being armed and the NRA condoning it politically by making it possible for them to be armed in the first place. I won’t go on a liberal rant about this. The NRA is only PART of the problem.

How many stories have we heard lately about children accidentally killing other children or themselves handling handguns?

The government (local and national) have exhibited ineptness in dealing with these issues. They are beholden to the NRA for the money that gets pumped into their campaigns for doing nothing.

Parents have their hands tied with the shrinking economy and a lot less supervision. The Social Media Age has accelerated kids maturing in certain ways, but not “SOCIALLY.” If they are not taught respect and proper values, they will continue to spiral out of control.

The stronger the family unit, the less likely their child will resort to hunting humans out of boredom. The consequences obviously aren’t too much of a deterrent when it comes to these crimes. They are happening far too frequently.