Aug. 31, 2013

Obama In The Drivers Seat With Syria

UPDATE (9/3/13): Boehner, Cantor & McCain are now BACKING Obama:

Boehner: "I'm going to support the president's call for action. I believe my colleagues should support this call for action...We have enemies around the world that need to understand that we're not going to tolerate this type of behavior."

Cantor: "America has a compelling national security interest to prevent and respond to the use of weapons of mass destruction, especially by a terrorist state such as Syria, and to prevent further instability in a region of vital interest to the United States."

(My Original Post 8/30/13)

"I will seek authorization for the use of force from the American people's representatives in Congress." (President Obama August 31, 2013)

This was a move by President Obama and his top advisers that may cement his legacy in this erratic beginning of a second term. It was brilliant.

Why, you ask?

Let's begin with the fact that he is about to go to the G8 summit with all the main characters like Putin, etc... He now can put off an immediate response for at least two weeks. 

Congress doesn't even return until September 9. They get briefed, they debate and get whipped into going along. John McCain and Lindsay Graham get a chance to pull their Senate buddies into line. Boehner and Cantor actually can go more to the center and redeem themselves by playing ball with Obama on this one. 

No one (remember Iraq) wants to make the WRONG decision. Obama thinks Congress should debate it. They will probably come down with some watered down response, BUT it will be the right thing to do. 

Obama and his missiles kick some ass and then Assad does what he does best, kills MORE women and children and we REALLY bring some force down. It would be like once we start if they don't comply, the rest of the world will have no choice, but to go along with Obama.

If Assad were to gas more people or try to attack Israel with Iran, you would see a shift from the more neutral countries.

This American President knows what he is doing.

The GOP members who don't go along with Obama will be in even MORE danger politically.

Mr. Obama has three aces up his sleaves. That fourth ace is probably in his pocket for a rainy day.