Sep. 9, 2013

Syria Reminds Me of Cuban Missile Episode

June 23, 2014 Update:

This is the 2nd time I have updated this Blogpiece. Today (6/23/14) Syria completed turning over all of its declared chemical weapons and none too soon. ISIS will NOT be able to seize these weapons BECAUSE President Obama prevented that from happening by outsmarting our own Congress and the neocons like McCain, Ayotte and Graham who have NO CLUE what they are talking about when it comes to our foreign policy. They don't govern, so they flap their lips about war, etc...

You cvan debate me all you want on this, but I saw what was really going on last summer when it was going down in real time anbd I am no expert on foreign policy. What I DO know is I trust this this administration a hell of a lot more than the last one. This is one "I told you so" I'm proud of....😋

Update: September 10, 2013...Assad Took The Deal that the Russians gave them and they will avert the strikes Obama threatened. Diplomacy can work in 2013...

"Turn it over... all of it...." (regarding Assad's chemical weapons)

John Kerry (September 9, 2013)

Go back and see how the Cuban Missile episode played out. When countries have issues like America, Russia, Syria & Iran, there are often threats made. A lot of stuff THEN gets worked out diplomatically. Russia has JUST stepped in and tried to get Assad to abandon the WMDs.  Russia talks tough, but do not really want to engage this way.

Pay attention to what President Obama REALLY is doing and just don't react because you are afraid we are doing a NEW "Iraq War." That is not what is going on folks.

The President can either be crippled by the dysfunction of Congress, or do an end around. Don't forget that Obama can pick up the phone and get Putin on the line at any time. Putin takes the call.

It benefits Russia to have the U.S. as a player AND Syria. Mr. Putin holds a lot of cards in his hand when it comes to Syria. Assad desperately needs Putin's support.

Giving up the Chemical Weapons at this point is a no brainer for Assad, because if he uses them, we WILL bomb him with or without Congress approving.

I previously wrote that Obama would probably hit Syria, but that was before Obama took the brilliant move of buying time before he left the country. President Obama probably NEVER had the intention of bombing Syria. I believe he took a page out of JFK's playbook and keeps buying time until Russia reacts. That is what they did with Cuba. That is what they are doing with Syria.

Syria is busted and Obama does not want to bust out. Diplomatic solutions are what is going on. No war. You heard it here.