Sep. 27, 2013

POTUS Ready To Fight GOP

(Update 10/1/13):

There is no GOP End Game for the current government shutdown. Obama is not negotiating with the Tea Party political terrorists who have a hold on Speaker John Boehner. Boehner MUST stand up to the Tea Party wingnuts and team up with Nancy Pelosi and get a clean Continuing Resolution passed. It is going to happen, but how much pain will Boehner endure. His Speakership is all but lost anyway.

9/27/13 Post:

"I will not negotiate over Congress's refusal to pay it's bills"
President Obama, September 27, 2013

I know I'm tired of this garbage in Washington. I would imagine most everyday Americans are weary of our government being held hostage by a few Tea Party members, who were sent to DC to disrupt government.

John McCain and his more moderate buddies need to start siding with the Democrats and re-building long-lost bi-partisan coalitions to stop this nonsense once and for all.

I don't need to explain for the umpteenth time how the GOP irresponsibility could cause our government to shut down for reasons that have nothing to do with the deficit. President Obama will NOT repeal his own ACA (Obamacare) legislation. "Not gonna happen" he told the White House Press core.

Obama also laid the law down about the upcoming "Debt Ceiling" issue. He warned Congress to "Pay your bills." The Debt Ceiling limit must be raised so Congress can pay the bills THEY have racked up. Ronald Reagan raised it 18 times in his eight-year term. 

John Boehner has postered that Obama WILL negotiate. I'm telling you he won't negotiate like he did in 2011.

The House of Representatives will have to figure out how to undo all the bad will they have created for themselves threatening to shut the government down and/or put the U.S. full faith and credit at risk with this Debt Ceiling Limit business.

President Barack Obama will NOT be the one shutting our government down. This one sits in Congress's corner.

Come on guys and girls...Get your shit together before it is too late.