Oct. 17, 2013

Did Obama, Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, McConnell PLOT Outcome?

"The American people are completely fed up with Washington!"
  (President Obama 10/17/2013)

Read between the lines. President Obama includes himself and his administration in that one statement, along with the least productive Congress in U.S. history. 

We have all read the stories this past month. We know all the players, heros and villains alike (depending which side you favor).

The President and congressional leadership met several times in the final week of the shutdown. Speaker Boehner went on all the news outlets and gave several press conferences and raised his level of rhetoric to an alltime high. 

I thought Boehner did a great acting job of sounding angry: "This is not a damn game" he shouted out one morning in a press conference, but it really was a game that played out in a strange Kabuki-like atmosphere.

Boehner was ALWAYS going to take a deal. He really had no choice. His caucus full of radical Tea Party advocates insisted he drag everyone down and get concessions from Obama and his team. President Obama pledged NOT to ever negotiate again after that August, 2011 Sequestration debacle.

I contend that the leaders all cooked up the timetable in the oval office, even at the expense of $24 Billion. Obama knew that Boehner had to take this to the wire. I believe Obama, Boehner, McConnell, Reid and Pelosi played this hand together. Everyone played their roles perfectly throughout the crisis.

This was a political conspiracy in which they ALL participated and the end game may be the elimination of Tea Party dominance of the GOP. Our country NEEDS a strong two-party system.

My question will be answered in the next few weeks IF any of Obama's 3 end-of-year agenda items (Budget, Immigration & Farm Bill) are acted upon in a bi-partisan way. If Boehner brings ANY of these 3 Seanate-passed bills to the floor and allows Democrats to vote along with Republicans, without having to have a majority of Republicans behind the bills, then we will know.

If John Boehner lets Congress start working its will as a whole body, then we can look back on this episode and we will know leadership and Obama teamed up to thwart the Tea Party hold on our country.