Oct. 25, 2013

What's Next For The Beltway Bunglers

Robin to Batman: The way we get into these scrapes and get out of them, it's almost as though someone was dreaming up these situations; guiding our destiny. (From "Batman" TV series, 1966)

How is it all gonna play out?

How will Obama and Biden maneuver their way through the political rubble that is now Washington?

Will our heros be able to squelch the fierce opposition of the Joker (John Boenher)?

Will the elder Catwoman (Nancy Pelosi) survive the evil radicals on the right and take back her gavel?

Will Alfred (Harry Reid) once again resort to fisticuffs with the Penguin (Mitch McConnell, or will the Penguin just disappear in the night in November, 2014?

What about the Riddler (Paul Ryan)? Riddle me this...Will he really come out with a GOP Healthcare Plan?

The big question that MUST be answered is will the evil villains shut the government down again in January and destroy their party in the process. The villains have been on a course of self destruction since November, 2010 when Gotham City was overrun by Tea Party Radicals.

Will the Affordable Care Act known as Obamacare actually have a chance to succeed? Will more Republican governors follow Jan Brewer and John Kasich and expand Medicaid bolstering their state coffers in the process?

Will the 37 congressional seats (including Paul Ryan's) actually turn back over to the Democrats, or enough to give the Dems the House of Representatives?

Will the GOP pick up any senate seats in 2014?

Finally...Will the GOP give up on defunding Obamacare, or will they just make up stuff about the LAW BEING BAD, because their website isn't functioning properly, much like Bush's "Medicare Part D" debacle of 2006? In those days, many of the members of congress now screaming about the ACA glitches were imploring the country to be patient about the glitches for "Medicare Part D."

We will all find out "Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel."