Feb. 4, 2014

Dear GOP: You Have Pissed Off The Wrong Guys

Dear Republicans:

Barack Obama and Bill Clinton are pissed at you. You will soon feel their wrath as they trudge across the country vigorously campaigning against most of you in your re-election campaigns.

You think Mr. Obama signing a few executive orders is "Reckless?" He has signed FEWER than any other President in history. YOU, as Congress have passed even LESS legislation. You may want to get it togther people.

Hey Rand Paul..You are about to find out what it feels like to get spanked when Bill Clinton comes to Kentucky to rid your state of your cover Mitch McConnell. Ol' Mitch will lose to Alison Lundergan Grimes (after he squeeks by his Primary) and you will be sorry you brought up the Monica Lewinsky thing. When you run for the GOP Presidential nomination, you will have so many enemies on the left, it will be difficult to navigate. At this point I would think the Clintons would love nothing better that to face YOU in a general election. Keep it up buddy.

Hey Paul Ryan, you are probably safe in your congressional seat, BUT you do reside in a blue-ish state. President Obama can damage you if he chooses. He likely will let your recent comments about him being "increasingly lawless" pass without retribution. He probably even likes you a little. The "KING" may let you live.

John Boehner...Dude you are screwed...You will have to retire this fall...I can't see you going back to congress without your Speakership in tact. You have too much ego and really could care less about the American people outside the Beltway. It is time for you to join Jay Leno in retirement.

Eric Cantor..I hope to God both Obama and Bill campaign against you vigorously this fall. You are a piece of crap. You are lazy and scared of your own shadow. You have no game.

John Cornyn..Good luck...I'm thrilled that Steve Stockman will at least cause you some sleepless nights in your re-election. What will you do if Ted Cruz supports that moron against you...LOL.

This is a dangerous time to be anywhere but to the far right in the House of Representatives. That means that the Democrats can pick up some of those marginal seats, especially since it looks like the Affordable Care Act is gaining traction and will likely be close to the intended sign-up goals.

The poor initial rollout will be a distant memory as the primary season starts. The two BEST campaigners of this century are Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Obama has NO MORE ELECTIONS to win for himself, except to get the House back and hold the Senate.

I would be VERY worried right now if I were Reince Preibus at the RNC. 

Here is another thing the GOP has to fear...Georgia. 

That Red State in the deep south?

Yes. It is in play THIS year and in 2016, which could throw the entire Southern Strategy off for the GOP. There are 600,000 unregistered black, asian and Latino possible voters. Former NAACP Head Ben Jealous says "Around $8 million" in funds to register those voters could turn the state blue. It may be a longshot, but if the results are close, it will be trouble. This past election Georgia Dems DID pick up 4-out-of-7 House seats that were up. That is significant.

If Georgia is in play, the entire south could be turned upside down.

It is not helping matters that the GOP-led legislatures have killed themselves lately with voter suppression and anti-abortion legislation AND Congress is balking at extending Unemployment benefits and balking at Minimum Wage hikes that are favored by 72% of the national electorate. This is bad stuff guys.

GOP. You really must get your shit together or you will have an Imperial Presidency. The final two years could be a Turkey Shoot for the Democrats with YOU in their sites.


A Concerned Citizen