Mar. 20, 2014

Why Hillary/Warren Ticket Could Work

I have been writing practically from the day President Obama was re-elected that I hoped Hillary Clinton would NOT run in 2016. I don't believe history is on her side, BUT Barack Obama blew history out of the water in 2008 by becoming our nation's first African American President.

Hillary will be 68 years old when she runs, but I have to admit that this woman is tough as nails and has many more than nine lives politically.

Look at all the things she has accomplished, despite being shamed (Health Care & Lewinsky Scandal) as a First Lady. She knows her way around the congress and the state department AND the Oval Office.

She has raised a daughter and managed to stay married to a man who continually played the field throughout their marriage.

She has had her official time off and now readies herself for a big Presidential campaign with Obama ON her side this time.

To me it makes sense to consider Elizabeth Warren as her running mate, even though both women currenty reside in the northeast.

Here are my reasons:

  • They are both women
  • Warren is a progressive and threatens Clinton's Progressive Credibility
  • Warren is a fan of Clinton and will serve her faithfully
  • Warren could take on Wall Street FROM the White House and use the Clinton's Wall Street ties to mend some of the current friction.
  • The Clintons could keep her in their sights at all times

How it could work politically:

  • Progressives will support the ticket 
  • Clinton has strong ties in Florida (possible new Governor Charlie Christ)
  • Clinton OWNs California voters and California loves Warren
  • Warren would be the FACE of progressivism from within the White House, enabling Hillary to move her moderate agenda.
  • Clinton could rely on Warren for domestic agenda items and concentrate on a troubling foreign agenda.

This would set the Democrats up for several years in the White House. The rest of the party will have to figure out how to keep House and Senate seats workable.

It is still early (March, 2014), but I could see this working for the Democrats in 2016.

The Clintons are very smart people. They will call in some big favors (Obama) and I really see Hillary Clinton needing a strong faithful smart ally in her corner. Elizabeth Warren makes sense.