Mar. 30, 2014

ACA: Not a Bill, Not a Story, It's The Law

"The debate over the ACA is over. This law is here to stay"

(Barack Obama, April 1 2014)

It is time to put the Affordable Care Act to bed as a news story. It is time for the Republicans to stop raising money and drumming up their financial support on the backs of American people who really cannot afford to spend money to dump a law that is on the books. There is now insurance for millions of its citizens who were recently uninsured.

Do you really believe that people will give up their insurance because a bunch of rich people in Congress tell them they should?

When will people stop voting against their OWN interests? Do they really believe that the government is too large?

Paul Ryan's current budget calls for the repeal of the ACA, cutting food stamps.

Ryan's budget does RAISE the spending for the military. Does that sound like smaller government to you? This country ALREADY spends more money on the military than the REST OF THE WORLD conbined.

Paul Ryan has been the GOP poster boy for economic brilliance. He is still showing that we need to take stuff away from the poor people of this country and help the richest Americans, who continually back Ryan and his GOP cronies.

I am sick to death of watching this happen time and time again.

Please Wisconsin. Wake up and vote Ryan and the GOP members of Congress out who do not want to help you. Vote for people who do want to make America the great country it has always been.

Ryan is the Chairman of the Budget Committee and his work has been a joke. To stay on the path of NOT RAISING TAXES, yet SPENDING MORE on a military that is changing with the changing times.

We do Drones NOT boots on the ground wars now. The cost is low and the results are better. Whether you believe in the Drone Program or not, you have to admit America has not wasted money on Tanks and other obsolete programs since Mr. Obama entered office in 2009.

So why do the Republicans keep insisting that we must trim, trim, trim the deficit when it is actually the lowest it has been in years.

The GOP really needs to come up with some game. They have no new Health Care Program of their own. They could give a rats ass about people who need assistance. They keep "Porking It Up" for the wealthiest 1% at the detriment of the now defunct middle class and the poorest Americans.

The GOP will find a way to hang on to the House. They will inch closer in the Senate and they may even give the Dems a run for their money in a Presidential election, BUT they have no game right now.

It is time for the Democrats to call them out on their misguided ACA Repeal attempts and hust them at the election polls throughout the year. PLEASE Democrats...EMBRACE the ACA and kick their asses where it counts most. THEIR pocketbooks.