May. 30, 2014

How Will The GOP Run Against Obamacare Now?

"Obamacare is now the law of the land."
John Boehner, November 2012

John Boehner uttered those words the day after the 2012 Presidential Election and President Obama was re-elected. Boehner still let his caucus shut the government down nearly a year later.

What will Mitch McConnell and all the House Republicans do in their upcoming elections after bashing the hell out of the ACA for years?

McConnell is toast. His state (Kentucky) has signed up more than 400,000 previously uninsured citizens for health insurance through that state's KYNect, which is PART of the Affordable Care Act. They are one and the same and the Kentucky media outlets are hammering that point in print and on TV and radio.

McConnell's opponent Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes has distanced herself from Obama, who is at 29% Approval in the state polls (as is McConnell). Grimes has vowed to help "FIX" the ACA.

There it is. The one and only answer the REPUBLICANS will use in their elections in 2014. They will all have to eat their past words and vow to "FIX" Obamacare.

The Ads may look something like this:

"Hi I'm (insert name here), when I came to Washington (insert years here) ago I vowed to repeal Obamacare. The Democrats ramrodded the ACA down your throats in the dead of night. Now I'm pledging to you to "FIX" this terrible law. Please donate as much as you can to my campaign and together we will fix the problems in Washington."

You mark my words, this has to be their strategy. The Democrats are already embracing the ACA slowly. Look at Louisiana Democrat Senator Mary Landrieu:

"I’ve continued to urge our governor to expand Medicaid. I’ve called it the 252,000 people in our state who work hard every day, in fact they work hard all week, some of them work 40 or 50 hours a week, have no access to health insurance because they fall into the ‘Jindal Gap.’ Governor Jindal has refused to expand health care opportunities even though the $16 billion that is our money, he’s leaving it in Washington for other people to use instead of using it for our own hospitals and nurses and doctors and healthcare." (courtesy Washington Post)

Landrieu is the blueprint for the Democrats who face tough GOP oppostion. She is accusing her state's governor of a lot of things and the people are starting to listen. She is gaining in the polls.

To summarize. Dems will have to run towards the ACA and the GOP will have to run towards "Fixing" the ACA, right?