Jun. 11, 2014

How Can Paul Ryan NOT Be The Next Speaker?

Okay Republicans.

It is time to move on from the Eric Cantor Years. Mr. Cantor sealed his own fate years ago when he gerrymandered his own district and then proceeded to not take care of the constituints in THAT district.

The funny thing about Cantor's plight is the relative close proximity Virginia is to Washington D.C. compared to most of the other Congress members who have to take long flights to get home to their districts.

Cantor was all about money and had the backing of his party and the Wall Street players. He outspent his primary opponent 6-to-1 ($5 million+ - to - $122,00+). It seems absurd that Cantor lost his race by 12 points.

If John Boehner though he could just coast through until the end of the year and then retire from Congress by handing his Speakership off to the heir apparent Eric Cantor??? You know the answer to that question now.

That is why I believe that Golden Boy Paul Ryan WILL be the next Speaker of the House. The gerrymandered House seats appear safe and the GOP will retain the House. 

Politically, Paul Ryan is both the Tea Party AND establishment guy. He appears to be the ONLY member of the entire Congress who could grab enough support. 

Cantor is "Dead Man Walking" in his lame duck seat. Watch these guys turn their political backs on him. He has no power cards to play. Look for him to get a cozy Wall Street job sooner than later.

Ryan may or may not have White House aspirations, but I believe he is smart enough to know that Hillary Clinton looks unbeatable in this next cycle.

If Boehner were to align the cards properly and then step down next January, you will see a huge groundswell of support for Mr. Ryan.

Ryan has submitted dopey GOP budgets for years that he KNEW would never be enacted. This last time he teamed up with democrat Ms. Murray in a show of bi-partisan agreement, signalling his ability to work with the democrats and NOT step on the toes of the Tea Party folks.

Paul Ryan will be the next Speaker of the House, if he doesn't do something stupid like run for President in 2016.