Jun. 22, 2014

Time For Luke Russert To Handle Meet The Press

By Marc Platt
June 22, 2014

Meet The Press is one of the longest TV Political institutions in the country. It's moderator David Gregory has had many well-documented problems, including bad ratings and bad reviews.

Gregory once was a well-respected NBC White House correspondent, who rankled both right and left politicians.

NBC has had to bring in a shrink to examine Gregory and resorted to interviewing his wife and friends to try and solve whatever issues Mr. Gregory has for his poor performance notices.

On the other hand, millenial Luke Russert has been excelling at a young age as Capitol Hill correspondent and fill-in host on several MSNBC shows like "The Cycle."

This past week I saw Luke Russert mercilessly interrogate Whitey Bulger's defense attorney to the utter shock and amazement of his fellow Cycle co-hosts. Russert was well-armed with facts. He did his homework and refused to toss softballs at the attorney. It was afternoon "Must See TV."

On Meet The Press a few days later, David Gregory interviewed R-Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and when the topic of Benghazi came up and Paul declared that then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused Benghazi embassy support BEFORE the tragedy, Gregory glossed over it and moved on to his next question.

I guarantee that Luke Russert would have been prepared and knowledgeable on the subject. Gregory either was not prepared or too chicken to call Rand Paul on this untruth. The truth of the matter is Clinton and the State Department DID request extra security and Congress REFUSED that extra security.

Later in the same Meet The Press, Gregory whiffed on the long-debunked "IRS Scandal." His either lack of knowledge, or lazy preparation during a panel discussion was just painful to watch. The great E.J. Dionne bailed Gregory out by pointing out that the "IRS Scandal" was really IRS incompetence by allowing all political groups to abuse the 1959 IRS Guidelines that changed the word "Exclusively" to "Primarily" when it comes to 501 (C) 4 "Social Welfare" status for tax exemptions. PANELIST Dionne correctly pointed out that BOTH Dems and GOP groups have been abusing this forever. Not Gregory. Tim and/or Luke Russert would have been all over this.

Tim Russert was infamous for his hours of study EVERY day on every subject and interview he did in his long tenure at Meet The Press.

It is obvious that NBC is grooming Luke Russert for bigger and better. Luke Russert has adapted his late father's good habits of over-preparation and readiness for wehatever comes up.

Meet The Press is bigger and better and this kid can handle this, just like his old man.

Luke Russert was born to do this job. His father would roll over in his grave if he saw the shabby job David Gregory has done. He tosses softballs all over the place.

Even Fox News Megyn Kelly has shown some moxie lately. SHE makes Gregory look weak and that is saying something, because she says some pretty dopey things over there. She, at least is willing to take on Dick and Liz Cheney.

NBC..It is obvious you are grooming young Luke for this, or something bigger.

Please re-assign David Gregory and give Meet The Press to its rightful heir, Luke Russert.