Jul. 3, 2014

SCOTUS Doesn't Have The People's Backs

This Hobby Lobby ruling has me perplexed.

While the opinion narrows the scope of "Birth Control" to just a few forms that employers can object to based on religious views, the Supremes sent out follow-up notices in the following days UN-narrowing that scope to "All Forms of Birth Control."

This opens up a door for all private employers to challenge the courts with a variety of socially-driven issues such as firing employees for being gay. Yes, that door is now open because of "Religious Freedom." Many organizations are now gearing up to challenge social issues through this ruling.

This is the very thing Justice Ruth Ginsburg warned in her blistering 35-page dissent.

I won't go into the nuances, but you will see this play out in the next few years as workers are stripped little-by-little of any gains that have been made.

Conservative Judicial Activism is a very dangerous thing to lower and middle class Americans. There have been very few chances for the balance of the court to shift. The two Obama appointments replaced other liberal justices.

If Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States, chances are good that she will make 1-3 Supreme Court replacements. Ginsburg for sure and maybe Scalia. That would make a 5-4 shift.

This is why I believe we are seeing a rush towards conservatism right now from Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, Alito and sometimes Kennedy. Kennedy has been the swing vote in many cases. 

Women's reproductive rights is an issue that has held on by a string in the Supreme Court. The states in the south and the more conservative states with GOP-run state legislatures have enacted many draconian laws to thwart abortion clinics and the doctors who perform them.

This Hobby Lobby deal will have larger reprucussions for years to come as the 1% becomes entrenched. The workers will have to lump it or leave it as time goes on for the NEXT generation.

If you are liberal-minded, pray for good health for Kagen, Sotomayor, Breyer and Ginsburg for the rest of the Obama term. Hillary Clinton will have to navigate her own congressional minefield as it is getting worse on Capitol Hill.

The "Fever" is not breaking anytime soon.