Jul. 16, 2014

Watch Out for Rand Paul in 2016

The 2016 Horse race is on....

Rand Paul may come out of the GOP pack not looking like such a clown.

He had a bad run there for awhile when he was nailed plagiarizing The Wiki (of all places) for several speeches. He would recite full passages from movie scripts that were easy to "Google."

It was not Mr. Paul's finest moment.

Lately, however, he is smelling like a rose when going head-to-head with not-ready-for-prime-time players like Rick Perry, from his own party. Paul, at one point, was shooting big game by trying to knock Hillary Clinton and her husband former President Bill Clinton.

Is it possible Rand Paul will cease that idiotic line of thinking and stick to th ecompetition in his own party until he has securely dispatched THOSE threats in 2016. Might he just not comment on the Clintons UNTIL he has a reason to do so.

The press may catch on at some point in the near future and try to make news with quaotable quotes, but my guess is Rand Paul is in the process of redining who he is within the scope and structure of the GOP. There are enough stupid people in his own party for him to feast on.

Politics is all about devouring your enemies and then shotting higher and higher. Mr. Paul may have that chance if he can convince enough independents that he will have THEIR backs.

He is courting younger independents. That will be his base. He will have the Ron Paul (his father) base and Tea Party-minded people will have little choice but to gravitate towards his message.

Rand Paul will have to move towards the center and take the base with him. He will have to convince Republicans that he is the one and only chance for them to re-take the White House.

Also keep in mind Paul will have to vacate his U.S. Senate seat in order to run for President, due to Kentucky law.

I believe the man will go "All in." I believe he will court Wall Street, who may hedge their bets and throw bushels of money at his campaign AND Hillary Clinton.

The 2016 race is not going to be a landslide if Rand Paul is able to be the nominee. He is proving himself politically savvy enough to pose a real threat.

He is improving as a communicator and sharp as a tack these days when smoking out the other pretenders in his own party.

When he IS ready to take on Hillary and Bill Clinton, he may be ready at that time. He won't repeat his past mistakes of calling her unfit to serve in the White House because of Benghazi. He will have to tone down the " Bill Clinton is a sexual predator" language from earlier in 2014.

Let us see just how much Rand Paul has learned from HIS mistakes and if HE is ready-for-prime-time.