Aug. 5, 2014

Obama v. The Press: Failure to Communicate

"What we have here is a failure to communicate"
(Strother Martin in "Cool Hand Luke")

Sometimes I believe that the political press corps in the U.S. have little understanding and could care less that President Obama and his administration have a lot on their plate all the time. Reporters don't cover EVERYTHING, they cover what their bosses tell them to cover.

When a reporter is covering foreign policy and start snooping around to get a scoop, which is their job, they shouldn't get too upset when the administration doesn't go out of their way to help them. It has been that way since the beginning of our republic.

Obama has the added problems that social media and advanced 24-hour news cycles have evolved during his tenure. There are far MORE outlets, which means there are a lot more people snooping around trying to make a name for themselves. This is the nature of both sides.

It is true that President Obama has not helped his situation with the press corps by shutting them out and not giving them access, but the nature of his job has changed since even the days of Bush and Cheney. That administration ramrodded two wars down our throats and the Press Corps COVERED the story instead of properly VETTING the story in real time. The press did not do a good job calling this adminsitration en masse when they KNEW this administration was up to no good.

This gives me a clear understanding of Obama's disdain for the press corps. They call him arrogant behind his back. The tone of the press corps is very interesting when it comes to Obama. The press covered The Tea Party and never really QUESTIONED The Tea Party's motives and subtle racism.

The press corps haven't really even covered the fact that The U.S. Senate have overtly blocked so many of Obama's nominations, including so many State Department nominees. This is a HUGE story, but to this press corps...No big deal...

Obama has not helped himself by chiding the press "Off the record" on plane trips and then punished leakers. No wonder they think he is arrogant, BUT my belief is the press corps, as well as the GOP have lost the necessary respect for "The Office of President."

The country, the media and the world were quick to characterize George W. Bush as a dummy, a puppet of Dick Cheney. In real time, the press failed to do it's job on the lies that administration got away with costing America thousands of lives for OIL and money. Cheney and his cronies, including the Bushes got a lot richer by the time they left office. They tortured people, they ruined countries and NO ONE went after them for their obvious crimes, including the Obama administration.

Bush has kept his mouth shut, while Cheney has run around like a jilted wanna be Prom Queen. Obama rarely has said anything negative directly about the previous administration and the press corps have followed suit. THAT is a crime in my opinion.

So...To sum up...Obama is crappy when it comes to his handling of the press and the press is wrong in their handling of THE OFFICE of President. Both sides have two years to fix this problem.