Sep. 23, 2014

We Don't Know What HE Knows

"I will look after the security of the people. That is my job as your President."
President Obama
(Clinton Global Initiative 9/23/14)

by Marc Platt

We DON'T know what President Obama knows. Yet we endlessly listen to talking heads and politicians try to spin. Spinning is what makes the social media world go round and round within seconds. 

We literally live in a 24-hour-newscycle more so than ever before. A story can change instantaneously in front of your eyes so fast, you can't even put context and perspective in real time.

So we turn to our "Trusted" pundits on CNN, MSNBC or Fox News. We read our in-the-bubble publications like Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal and/or Drudge Report, depending on your leanings.

The bottom line is these "News" organizations know NOTHING. Really! They only know what they tell each other.

The only people who REALLY know are sworn to secrecy. We know what the White House Press Secretary tells us, or the President (and surrogates). 

Here's the deal. They cannot tell us what we NEED to know. They only tell us what they need us to know.

There are fantastic news gathering news organizations who have gathered information on Khorasan and ISIS months ago. It wasn't until the bombing in Syria started that the cable outlets started talking about them. The information on Khorazon has been out there for months.

The "Spin" that Khorasan was planning homeland attacks perked up the cable news outlets to start talking about them. President Obama knows about these threats months and sometimes years before we do. It is supposed to be that way.

If we knew what was really going on ALL THE TIME, we would be scared shitless. 

Just know that this administration is doing the best they can to handle multiple threats all the time. Be glad that you and I don't have to stay on top of all this stuff. We have capable elected officials working in the White House, unlike the chickenshit congress who had to go get re-elected. 

The House Republicans set their working calendar for 2014 for 114 working days...That is correct...114 working days.

How many days in 2014 do you think the President works? Even when he is on holiday, he takes calls with Putin and manages crisises.

So I repeat.."We don't know what HE knows." That is a good thing.