Oct. 13, 2014

What Would "I" Say to Mitch McConnell?

"It's time Congress got its priorities straight."
Mitch McConnell

Never have truer words been spoken by such an important figure IN the Congress.

If I were Alison Lundergan Grimes and I had the chance to blast Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell face-to-face, this is what "I" would say to him:

  • Senator McConnell, you  LOVE to tie me in with the President and his policies. I do NOT work in Washington DC.
  • Senator McConnell you keep calling the Affordable Care Act a "Failed Obama Policy" when hundreds of thousands of our fellow Kentuckians have health care for the first time BECAUSE of Obamacare.
  • Senator McConnell I am the elected Kentucky Secretary of State and I support my constituents. I live in Kentucky full time and take care of the needs of MY people here at home, can you say the same thing.
  • Senator McConnell, instead of supporting our President on the night of his first inauguration, you and your Republican cronies conspired to OBSTRUCT everything OUR President was going to try and do.
  • Senator McConnell you and our OTHER elected Senator were caught on camera during the government shutdown reveling in the shutdown, despite the fact that it cost us taxpayers $24 Billion.
  • Senator McConnell maybe the President and his policies aren't the problem in Washington DC after all. Maybe it's the men and women doing their best to stop the inevitable progress America could be great for once again.

I won't have that chance, but Alison Grimes WILL and should ask these tough questions.