Oct. 22, 2014

Why Our Two-Party System Has Failed

As a lifelong Democrat and left-leaning political junkie, I am sad in my realization that we are now totally beyond repair.

I truly believe the writing is on the wall and It's OVER.

The two-party system in America is officially a failure and the people running the show are only in it for themselves (for the most part).

There are some good Democrats, Independents and some good Republicans, but the system is so rigged right now, it is just another get rich quick scheme.

Just look in your email box. How many "Politicians" have implored you to give $5-$10-$20-$50-$100 that you may or may not have at your disposal? How much disposable income do you have to give to a political campaign or a superpac to get some guy/gal elected in this day of Political Corruption and Citizens United.

One political party seems to want to govern and the other now exists to "Blow Up" the government.

What is the solution?

Blow up the system. I would rather see three or four major political parties form coalition governments like we see in other countries and the government actually GOVERN our damn country. It isn't happening folks.

I dig Obama, but even he is not in a position to govern. The GOP has jammed everything up so badly that our system has broken down. Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell are afraid to tamper with the "SACRED" U.S. Senate "Rules" like the filibuster.

The other night Florida Gubenatorial candidate and former Florida Governor Charlie Christ (correctly) accused current Governor Rick Scott for being complicit in a Florida execution being delayed in 2013 because the Secretary of State had to attend a political fundraiser. This is serious shit. Our U.S. Government and all the states have been hijacked by political saboteurs who get paid a lot of money to use their political ideology for their own benefit financially and politically.

This is very bad for us.

Unenploymant benefits have not been extended because George W. Bush destroyed the economy in 2008 and slipped out of town unchecked. Barack Obama did the best he could to fix the mess, but a lot of racist folks who didn't like having a black U.S. President did everything possible to obstruct every piece of legislation and bit of governance his administration tried to do.

This is bad for everybody.

So I say "BLOW IT UP."

Let there be a THIRD and FOURTH PARTY. Let there be coalition governments who can properly govern our beloved country. The system is so broken right now, it really won't matter who wins the midterm elections.

The U.S. Constitution has become a worthless scrap of paper with manipulative self-interested "People" using it for their own devices, so YOU figure it out. Our form of government doesn't work anymore. We need to start over. You cannot work with the system in place.