Nov. 1, 2014

Why I Will Vote Anyway...

I am and have been a political junkie for a long time. I lean pretty far to the left and have always believed "Entitlement Programs" and Government in general are a very important factor in keeping the peace and protecting the citizens who cannot protect themselves from threats at home or abroad.

It pains me to no great end that there is a segment of elected representatives AND citizens who don't believe those basic necessities. They are ideologically opposed to helping the poorest citizens, as well as being against "Big Government."

These people are (for the most part) in the pockets of Wall Street and big business and basically make a nice living off the backs of America's poorest lower and middle class (or what's left of it). That is not to say that there aren't many Democrats in those same pockets. The difference is MOST Democrats vote to protect most of the citizens.

How did we get here?

In 2000 when Bush v. Gore happened and the Supreme Court basically decided that George W. Bush was the winner of that hotly-contested election, things really started to change. We would soon see more and more ideologically-based Supreme Court decisions coming down the pike. 

When President Obama was elected and got the Affordable Care Act shoved through a Democratic Congress, Republicans became so enraged that their once-protected Health Care deep pockets would be going away as the Citizens United decision has now detroyed the election process allowing unlimited money into all elections.

There is now so much money pouring into local, state and national elections that it is hard to tell what these people will do once they get there. They have to protect the people who spent all the money to get them elected for ideological reasons.

It used to be different. Democrats and Republicans could reach across the aisle and co-sponsor legislation that was goiong to HELP govern the people and not the politician's own interests.

Immigration Reform, Minimum Wage (Living Wage), Unemployment Benefits, lack of Ambassadors, Fair Pay and Reproductive Rights are ALL contested by the GOP. Think about that...They don't want to govern at all. They want to NOT govern and then get re-elected on OUR dime over and over again.

Local GOP-led legislations have shut down Women's Health Care Centers because the Koch Brothers and other right wing organizations PAY these people to vote against any and all legislation that they want to control.

The NRA is a very high-priced lobby with their hands in the pockets of many GOP AND Democraticly-elected officials. They don't even want "Background Checks" to pass which was something THEY promoted in 1999 after Columbine.

Is there any hope?

As long as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Scalia are on the bench, I would say "NO." These guys are the most conservative and ALSO in the pockets of a lot of Big Business and Wall Street guys and gals. These two justices have been seen quite frequently at JUNKETS that were fully paid for by political lobbies. That just isn't right.

The answer to this problem has to do with the make-up of the Supreme Court NOT the Tea Party and/or right wing politicians protecting their own self-serving interests.

I will vote the entire Democratic ticket here in California and will continue to support the lesser of two evils until Thomas and Scalia DIE or retire.