Nov. 10, 2014

President Obama: Please Fight Back!

Dear President Obama:

A lot of us voted for you TWICE. We deserve your best effort to thwart John Boehner and Mitch McConnell's efforts to destroy what you've started.

You need to put the gloves on and fight these guys tooth and nail for every last scrap. You are a junkdog just like they are. You started out in Chicago where it is always tough. You are a tough guy who speaks softly.

You are excellent at backroom dealing. We will have to trust that you will make the right deals.

Please call these guys out in public. If they try to gut the ACA call them out by NAME. Remind all the people that "John Boehner" and "Mitch McConnell" want to take away insurance from millions of citizens and that THOSE men can stop it...If THEY choose. THEY are in charge of their caucuses. 

If Boehner and McConnell want to everyone can have Immigration Reform. Mr. Boehner only needs to have a vote on the House Floor of the bi-partisan Senate bill that has already passed.

Look. If you are going to have to allow that pipeline deal to happen, cut a deal. Get Immigration, Minimum Wage and/or Unemployment Benefits restored. These right wing blowhards are killing our country. People are suffering and no one is doing anything.

Mr. President...You MUST figure out how to get these people to act NOW. It is getting very late. 

I blame YOU for not figuring out how to fix these three basic issues that are a neccessity for our people.


Marc Platt
2-Time Obama Voter