Nov. 14, 2014

Why Obama Won't Give In

by Marc Platt
November 14, 2014


A funny thing happened to Barack Obama on his way to the Middle East this week. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. At least from his stand point. The man seems undeterred by elections when it comes to dealing with Congress. 

Everyone got so caught up in the horse race, they forgot that this man is focused ONLY on governing. He will use every political trick in his arsenal. He WILL take executive action on Immigration. He could give a rats ass what the Republicans have to say OR his own Congressional Democrats.

That's right. He is FREE from Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi since they can no longer help him with his agenda anyway.

John Boehner and ESPECIALLY Mitch McConnell probably hate strutting around like schoolyard bullies. They are both institutiolists who want to have some sort of legacy themselves.

What does this all mean?


Yes. barack Obama is in a war with Congress that he must fight on his own. He never embraced these people and they certainly didn't embrace him or his agenda.

When Obama was re-elected, he absolutely knew that he would have to find a way to get this Immigration situation done. He will use his pen, the GOP will go wild and then they will get their asses kicked when America backs the President.

If they force a shutdown, we will all know who is to blame.

Congress doesn't seem to care that they are not popular. McConnell and Boehner want to be loved, but they don't have the tools. Obama has never stopped campaigning since he got in office. He knows how to campaign and will continue. 

Stuff will get done.

He will find a way to protect his signature legislation The Affordable Care Act.

Please Replublicans try to Impeach this President, knowing that you will never get 2/3 of the Senate to convict. DO IT. DO IT!