Nov. 16, 2014

Boehner v Obama: Guess Who I Like?

The gloves are off and we are about to see what the will of a U.S. President, not shackled by his own political party can do against an overmatched institution like the GOP-led Congress.

This is NOT hype. It is real and it will play out every week day over the next few weeks.

WE may be headed for another government shutdown if the House refuses to fund the government or continue a resolution to fund the government after December 11. There is a great chance Obama will sign an executive order allowing 4-5 million illegal residents to remain legally in the country.

I seem to remember John Boehner even admitting Obama could use his pen on this issue before Congress took all that time off to get re-elected. The GOP (to their own NATIONAL detriment) doesn't WANT TO embrace Latino voters. They must feel they can win elections without those voters who seem to be a growing force in the elecorate.

Obama doesn't have to answer to ANY Democrats in Congress. It is him against EVERYONE right now and he has the upper hand. 

Obama has several aces to play and the GOP will look bad no matter what happens because they want to obstruct and even take away things. The U.S. public would not like having things like voting, health insurance and better wages stolen from them like a thief in the night.

I took a lot of heat for my piece about a third party, but we are headed for that eventual reality because of Citizens United.

Until the Supreme Court changes over to more moderate Justices, the TWO-PARTIES we have will continue to suck th elife out of any possible governance.

The gloves are off and the Barack Obama Party is going to kick some ass and take names later.