Jan. 14, 2015

The Happiest Guy in D.C. IS...

Guess who the happiest and most relieved politician in Washington is right now?

If you guessed Barack Obama, you would have to feel pretty good right now.

President Obama has a Republican Congress with the largest margins since the 1960s to deal with on a daily basis. These people don't want to give him anything that would make him look good, or his party. He looks like a well-rested fighting machine when he goes out campaigning for HIS agenda items like "Free Community" college programs, Immigration, Minimum Wage Increases and Extending Unemployment.

The President is also dealing with ISIS and the entire middle east landscape and he is doing it with aplomb and energy. 

When was the last time you saw a sitting U.S. President NOT looking like a beaten man in his 7th year? Think about Reagan dealing with Iran-Contra, think about Bill Clinton dealing with Ken Starr in the Lewinsky affair and finally think about George "W" Bush dealing with Iraq and a declining economy in his 7th year.

Obama has experienced in two years something Mitt Romney would have called his own greatest achievements after four years of a Romney Presidency like Unemployment UNDER 6, Gas Prices UNDER $2.00-per-gallon and how about the 58 straight months of "Private Sector" job growth.

Hell, Mitch McConnell even tried to take credit for the improving economy that the GOP wanted to hang around Obama's neck just a few months ago.

Do you REALLY think the American citizens don't realize that the Affordable Care Act is doing everything the President said it would do? It is not perfect, but there are more Americans signed up for insurance than ever before. This is something U.S. Presidents had tried and failed to get accomplished since Teddy Roosevelt (a Republican).

The 24-hour newscycle and Social Media have made it possible to demonize anyone and there will always be a willing audience to listen, BUT in the end it is the PEOPLE who can feel that things are improving. McConnell and Boehner can yell and scream all they want. They can continue to pass unfriendly legislation for these two years.

In 2016 there will likely be a complete overhaul of the U.S. Congress and these two guys will retire, or become marginalized. Harry Reid will likely not be the next Majority Leader in the Senate as well. Nancy Pelosi may be the ONLY leader to stick around when Hillary Clinton takes over.

In the end, history will serve Barack Obama very well and the obstructing, racially-challenged GOP will have to pay the piper for their terrible governance.

Yes. Barack Obama is one happy dude, who just goes about his job even during those long Congressional vacations and inept legislative sessions when they are in Washington.