Mar. 1, 2015

This Will Never Happen

This Will Never Happen
By Marc Platt

Wanna know how Speaker John Boehner can break the "Cycle of Crazy" and get the U.S. House of Representatives to function?

He can team up with Nancy Pelosi and start bringing bills to the floor.

You say he will lose his speakership???

Not necessarily.

What if???

  • Boehner were able to tell the 50-or-so 'Freedom Caucus' members to sod off and KNOW that Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats would support him?
  • Boehner didn't have to manage his body crisis-to-crisis?
  • Boehner was able to do the Immigration Reform that the REPUBLICANS so desperately need to have a chance at the White House in 2016 or any other Presidential election year?

It is likely Hillary Clinton will be following Barack Obama and become #45. The GOP knows this, Boehner knows this, McConnell knows this. These two men have been around a long time. They are politically savvy.

John Boehner has been afraid for too long. His legacy is garbage right now. He is NOT as conservative as you might think. He is a political hack, but eager to have a legacy of greatness. The Tea Party has been blocking Boehner's agenda since Day #1.

He needs to approach Pelosi and Reid about breaking the cycle (with THEIR support). 

Pelosi and Reid are ALSO very bright political operatives who know that there is no alternative to John Boehner. They need to work with him and he REALLY needs them to survive.

What if John Boehner were to cut a deal to get stuff passed that would benefit the American People without political reprecussions? What if Nancy Pelosi were to actually support these moves and provide Boehner with the votes that woul assure his legacy.

Mitch McConnell is actually doing HIS part and making the Senate a more bi-partisan body.

McConnell WANTS Immigration Reform. McConnell wants to fund DHS. He is a smart guy.

Boehner MUST do something that goes totally against what he has been doing with January, 2011.

But of course you know I am dreaming AND...This will never happen