Mar. 17, 2015

Who Will Fight Our Wars?

I know this will sound very simplistic, BUT how can we even consider the GOP's proposed budget and its philosophy of cutting government "Safety Net" programs and boosting "Defense" and "Military" spending???

Aren't we missing a very important factor? If their proposal were to go through, who would be in the military? Our country completely overexposed ourselves in Iraq and Afghanistan with young men and women being deployed 2-6 times. We are not investing in our future.

We are lining Boehner, McConnell, McCain, Graham and MANY Democrats pockets, as well. Are we going to institute another draft? I listened to Tom Cotton's U.S. Senate Floor speech yesterday and he was going on and on about bolstering military spending with NO PLAN to get people to JOIN that military.

Rand Paul seems to say whatever is necessary to get people to even consider him to be President. Ted Cruz is busy scaring three-year-olds with his "The world is on fire" statements. Cruz is a well-schooled constitutional lawyer who says a lot of nothing that means anything. This man has argued in front of the Supreme Court, yet all he does is gin up his base with a lot of nothing. The words that come out of his mouth are venom.

Political convenience is starting to lose out to careful "Calling Out." These guys get called out without any consequences for their lack of governance. We need to hold them accountable when they want to cut a program. THEY need to feel some pain themselves.

Keep your eyes peeled for a logical plan and let me know when you hear of one....