Mar. 21, 2015

Dear GOP: Time To Get a Grip

 To the GOP-Elected Officials:

Stop being idiots.

You hate Eric Holder, yet you are holding his replacement (Loretta Lynch) hostage even though you love her because the Democrats won't allow abortion language in an UNRELATED "Human Trafficking" bill. This all comes after your ineptness in funding DHS. I have to say I AM surprised.

Mitch McConnell AND John Boehner, you are both establishment "Lifers" who know all the ins and outs when it comes to getting shit done. You have lost your caucus and now you look like racists.

Your stupidly supporting a guy (Netanyahu) who more than disappoints me as a Jew. This guy used racist rhetoric (disparaging Arabs) on election day and flip-flopping on a two state solution. The rest of the world is NOT happy with Israel right now and I don't blame them. The people of Israel are getting bamboozled the same way many Americans are by YOU.

I LOVE Israel and the Jews that live there. I am very disappointed that Netanyahu got over and through in his election. Israel needs new leadership in my opinion.

The good news is the deal with Iran may be getting better with a possible 20-year timetable instead of the 10 years that had been rumored to end this threat of a nuclear weapon once and for all.

Let Obama and Kerry do their jobs. Get out of the way. You have proven that you cannot govern.

What the hell will you do if millions of American citizens lose their health insurance because of you and your hatred of the very people you are supposed to protect. You better hope that the Supreme Court DOESN'T end the Affordable Care Act.

You will be blamed and thrown out of office in 2016.

Stop letting junior peons like Tom Cotton steer you towards extinction.

Get a grip and a hold of your party once again.


A VERY-Concerned Citizen.