Apr. 5, 2015

Commentary: Dirty Money Rotting GOP on Iran Deal

By Marc Platt

Whether you like this Iran "Framework" for a deal or not, you should be aware that the GOP opposition has a lot more to do with Quid Pro Quo  ("something for something" in Latin) means an exchange of goods or services, where one transfer is contingent upon the other) than ideology. 

You need to know and keep telling yourself that Senator Lindsay Graham (R-So. Car.)was given less than $100,000 in the 2008 election cycle from pro-Israeli donors to more than $285,000 (source NY Times) in the 2014 election cycle.

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) on the other hand saw his drop from $300,000 to less than $150,000 (source NY Times)

Tom Cotton is the GOP Freshman from Arkansas who gathered the 47 signatures before ANY framework was presented. Republican columnist Bill Kristol heads up an organization called "Emergency Commitee for Israel." Mr. Kristol's outfit spent...Are you ready??? $960,000 to get Cotton elected.

The next thing you know, the former military veteran and Arkansas conservative is the NEW champion for extreme military intervention in the U.S. Senate. He gets this letter signed by wingnuts and moderates alike to shove it in President Obama's face.

Why do they care?

Because...They have failed at every single measure aginst Obama for six years. The Affordable Care Act, The Economy and Gay Marriage. There are many others.

The GOP has decided to go back to their old playbook. Foreign Policy. The problem here is the fact that Preident Obama has actually made some significant improvements in the way our military operates in a time period that is most dangerous.

The Republicans who oppose him on nearly everything he has ever done is treading on a very tenuous ground on this Iran deal, mostly because the military complex may end up endorsing what Obama, Kerry and his team have done in reaching out to our enemy Iran and opening the door.

In my opinion, the alternative is untenable...War.

WE just got out of two wars in which we overtaxed our young men and women with multiple deploymants. These were ill-advised wars. They made Vietnam look mild in comparison.

We fight our wars with drones and technology in 2015. We don't face off like the Civil War musket to musket. It is way more complicated than that.

When Senator Cotton jumped on the U.S. Senate Floor a few weeks back and said we needed to spend "MUCH MORE" to build our military back up to "ACCEPTABLE" levels, he was speaking from where his bread is buttered. Mr. Cotton is in the pocketbooks of some heavy hitters.

The GOP will buck and kick because this is all they have left in their playbook.

It is a very dangerous batteground they have chosen. The President of the United States conducts our foreign policy. The Republicans still cannot accept that Obama has continually gotten over on them and will continue to do so.

Bottom line...He is smarter than all of them.