Apr. 10, 2015

How The LEAST Can Get The Most

by Marc Platt
April 10, 2015

Florida R-Senator Marco Rubio is about to announce his candidacy for President of the United States and I think he has a shot. A small one, but a shot.

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are giving textbook anti-rollouts and Rubio can learn some serious lessons from their blunders. There is a campaign Mr. Rubio can study and study some more and then emulate to have a chance to beat Hillary Clinton in a general election...

Marco Rubio should study Barack Obama's 2008 campaign from A-to-Z. Every move that campaign made was one step ahead of all his competition. They used social media. They used traditional media. They used Bush as a "What-Not-To-Do" example of ineptness. If I were Rubio, I would try to run towards Obama's views on many issues, because that is where the country is.

I have always felt that the best way to win an election is to "Look" presidential and present yourself as someone who would have "My Back."

Rubio has fallen into many traps in his short senate career. He attached himself to "Immigration Reform" and THEN backed away. Bad move. His first instinct was correct. FIX THE PROBLEM, don't become part of the problem.

The next Republican to take the White House will be a much different kind than the ones who are now in charge.

Rubio is a good-looking Southern Republican who is afraid of the GOP base. If he wants any chance at gunning Jeb, Ted, Rand and the rest of the "Candidates," he needs to come off as a worthy adversary to Hillary and he needs to be his own man.

Barack Obama is all of the things I have described above. He comes off as a "Fixer."

The Bush administration did so much damage that future U.S. Presidents must be "Fixers." We need to know that our Commander-in-Chief actually wants to deal with foreign countries and not isolate. Rubio has recently been on the wrong side of history regarding his native Cuba. Obama is opening a big door and Rubio could walk right through that door and be a part of the solution and not the problem.

The closer Rubio is able to maneuver himself towards Obama, the less space Hillary Clinton will have to seperate herself from Rubio. It would be a gutsy move and a move Rand Paul could have made, but he is far too stupid to be who he is. He thinks he needs to be a right wingnut like Ted Cruz.

Marco Rubio could be a serious threat if he were to pivot closer to Obama and suck out anyone else.

Of course he would need to pick up reasonable Republican voters and convince them to vote for him in Primaries, but I see this as his only chance. He needs to run an Obama-like campaign TWICE to get to The White House.

Of course, this will never happen...He is Marco Rubio, after all.