Apr. 20, 2015

Why Hillary Does NOT Need a Primary Opponent

By Marc Platt
April 20, 2015

We all need to get real people!

In 2008 Hillary Clinton would have easily coasted to the White House except for Barack Obama and his powerful Social Media Machine and ability to capture the heart of the nation with his message at a time when fresh, new and "A Change We Can Believe In" was just what this country needed after a weak administration war and financial collapse saddled the Republicans with 8 horrible years of fultility.

Anyone who ran against John McCain would have EASILY won that election. Even a young black inexperienced U.S. Senator from Illinois. Hillary would have wiped out the GOP that year. She had to wait her turn and this year (2015/16) is her turn to win The White house.

All of her possible Democratic challengers seem to be doing this tip-toe dance NOT to offend her or her powerful campaign staff that will have to choose a running mate next year. We see two guys, both independents Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt)  &  former Senator Lincoln Chaffee (I-RI) who are making noises about running. Webb (a former Republican) from Virginia is also making some noise about running. Do you see a pattern people? Former Governor Martin O'Malley (D-MD) is tepid at best not to step on her toes.

Hillary Clinton is going to be the nominee.

When all is said and done, let us examine the facts.

Hillary is:

1) A high-powered attorney with strong legal chops.
2) Able to maneuver through possible scandals in a campaign AND administration ("Gennifer Flowers Gate," "Name Gate," "Whitewater," "Monica Gate").
3) Former two-term First Lady.
4) Former U.S. Senator elected twice.
5) Former U.S. Secretary of State
6) Counseled by both a former U.S. president (Bill) and a current (Obama).

Hillary Clinton does NOT need to have big rallies to get her message out. She is much better at retail politics, as she proved in both of her U.S. Senate races capturing rural areas in upstate New York no one thought possible. She has had a great partner and teacher in Bill Clinton, himself a master.

She worked closely with Obama, who will be highly-regarded once he leaves office. His long resume of success against the GOP is getting bigger each day the inept GOP-led U.S. Congress shoots itself in the foot.

There are a lot of unhappy Red State citizens that Mr. Obabma is our President. There will be a lot of unhappy citizens when Mrs. Clinton takes the election next year, but that is the political climate we live in. Half the country is always unhappy.

The Republicans seem to always find a way to present the most unpleasant candidates lately when it comes to Presidential hopefuls. Jeb Bush (a BUSH), Ted Cruz (McCarthy resureccted), Walker (Union Buster), Christie (may get indicted), Perry (indicted), Rand Paul (Flip Flopping Libertarian), Marco Rubio (Inexperienced and extremely 1950s-type conservative) and (Cue up Laugh Track) Carly Fiorina (Failed Hewlet packard CEO).

There is really no one who has the charisma of a Barack Obama, or a vision to challenge her. She has been training for this job for 35 years and knows how to win elections. Her ONE failure was against what proved to be the most formidable election machine in U.S. History.

The best news is Hillary Clinton now HAS that same machine with many of the same players who helped defeat her in 2008.

Hillary Clinton does NOT need a Primary opponent in this election cycle. She needs to lay low, get her message out and let the Republican candidates do what they do best...Beat the living crap out of each other so they can get the living crap kicked out of the last man standing by Hillary Clinton...The first woman to hold this office in the United States come January, 2017.